Duct systems in stainless steel

Stainless steel ducts have many advantages

Today, stainless steel ducts are used more and more, not only for plants where it is required – e.g. in some food industries, but also in other plants where the customer requests the increased strength and durability. The stainless steel duct system has smoother surfaces and is more hard-wearing than the standard duct systems and the risk of peeling of galvanisation or coating has been eliminated.

JKF's stainless steel duct system covers a wide range of ducts, bends, valves, transition pieces, jet caps etc.

The duct system can be used for all extraction purposes for transport of particles and air, and includes all the components needed for a complete extraction solution.

The duct system is particularly well-suited for the stricter requirements on cleaning the duct system and for installation with the special requirements for explosion prevention in accordance with EU Directive 94/9 EC of 23 March 1994 (ATEX). ATEX is the French abbreviation of “ATmosphère EXplosif” which relates to protective devices and systems used in atmospheres with a danger of explosion (gas or dust).

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