Clean air to all types of industries

Our contribution to a better global environment is based
on more than 50 year’s experience.

JKF was founded by master smith Louis Nielsen in 1957. The original name was ”Jysk Knæ- og Pladerørsfabrik”, but on account of increasing export sales, the name was changed to the more customer friendly name of JKF Industri A/S in 1982. In 2014 the name was changed again to the easier name of JKF whereever we are in the world.

Since its foundation much has changed for both us and our customers in industry and in society. The company’s roots are preserved, but we will always strive at improvements that ensure and develop our market power and future, while at the same time guaranteeing our customers the right solutions. We are still situated at the beautiful village Als in North Jutland, located in fresh sea air on the Kattegat coast, and our vision is unchanged. We still have our vision to be among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of components for process ventilation systems and thus contribute to improving the global external environment.

The Danish factory site and head office of the group today cover over 25.000 m² of up-to-date and modern administration, development and production facilities. JKF has manufacturing plants at its subsidiaries in Malaysia and Poland as well as sales subsidiaries in Lithuania, Indonesia and Singapore.

JKF has chosen to be certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 for the benefit of both our customers, neighbours/surroundings and employees. The certification ensures our customers the same quality level each time they buy a JKF-product. Our customers are also ensured that our products are manufactured in a good working environment without having an impact on the external environment and that the working conditions each year are audited by DNV Denmark.

The neighbours/surroundings are ensured that the close environment is not affected more than described in the environmental approval of the company and that the we are continuously working on reducing the impact on the environment.

Our employees benefit also from the certifications. Their workday is described, and job descriptions and procedures of their work are available. The working environment organisation is working actively and continuously to improve the working environment of the company by means of rounds, meetings and daily dialogue in the working environment groups. Each year new goals of quality, environment and working environment are elaborated to ensure that there are always a development and improvement of the working conditions of our employees.

Important years

JKF is founded by Louis Nielsen.

JKF moves into new premises on Rørsangervej.

After severel extensions JKF now possesses five halls.

Louis Nielsen starts to transfer his ownership. 11 employees and Cimbria A/S become shareholders.

High technology and CAD/CAM management are implemented.

Continuing investments. JKF starts analyses concerning ISO 9001 certificates.

The subsidary JKF Industri Sdn. Bnd in Malaysia is established.

JKF establishes a factory and office in Poland.

JKF establishes an office in Singapore.

Maj Invest takes over JKF. 

Groupe SFPI takes over JKF.