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JKF maintains focus on working environment and sustainability
Date: 17/12/2019

JKF maintains focus on working environment and sustainability


In addition to being ISO 9001 certified, JKF is also ISO 14001- and 45001 certified. Therefore, we focus on safety, environment and working environment for our customers, but also for ourselves. 

For us as a modern company, we believe that these values are essential, since we all have a responsibility in working towards a sustainable and safe production. The last couple of years, we have had great results on these fronts. We have switched to LED lighting in our production facilities, which has resulted in a significant energy reduction as well as a better working environment. We have also gone from oil to gas heating, and we have optimised machinery in production so that we reduce material waste. However, these initiatives are just the first steps. At JKF, we want to be leading in sustainable and safe production.

Next step in this process is to map our energy consumption and to have a more structured approach to how we work with this area. Later, we will clarify our objectives and publish a plan on how we reach them.          

Bachelor project provided important knowledge

In the process of mapping the energy consumption, JKF had the pleasure of having Mikkel Siksne employed in an internship for 20 weeks in the fall 2019. Mikkel studies a Bachelor in Technology Management and Marine Engineering at Martec in Frederikshavn, Denmark. At JKF he has worked with energy optimisation, quality, working environment and maintenance.

”My focus in relation to my bachelor’s assignment has been mapping the energy consumption and optimisation on the basis of this. In my internship, I found that two compressors operated independently from each other, which does not correspond with optimum working”, Mikkel Siksne explains.

The solution to this was a SAM-control of the compressors, which will contribute to a better and more energy-efficient operation and save JKF 60,000 DKK per year.

Mikkel’s internship expired at the end of October after which he has been working with his bachelor’s assignment about his tasks at JKF. However, the cooperation does not end here, since Mikkel has been permanently employed as a project engineer, and he will start on the 20th January 2020.   

Close cooperation with educational institutions

The employment of Mikkel Siksne is a mark of the fact that JKF has engaged in a lot of good activities related to education.

Over the last couple of years, we have cooperated with several educational institutions, like Aalborg University, Martec Frederikshavn, different public schools in Mariagerfjord Municipality, TECHCOLLEGE in Aalborg and Tradium in Randers. The cooperation with these institutions has served different purposes. We have had single-day visits from public schools to encourage students to choose a vocational education, whereas our project cooperations have been focused on the professional development of the individual student.