New explosion duct valve
Date: 26/10/2021

New explosion duct valve


JKF has changed primary supplier of explosion duct valves.  

Solution Sales Manager, Casper Dybdahl Juul Jensen, explains why the new explosion duct valve has been added to the product catalogue:

- The explosion duct valve is tested according to the latest Intended Use regulations and matches all JKF products. This gives peace of mind to the customer that this product can be added to all our filters without having to worry about compliance. Furthermore, the explosion duct valve is approved to have bends between the component and the filter, which means increased flexibility in how the duct layout in the installation is designed.

An explosion duct valve is an important safety component that must be fitted to all ATEX filters to ensure the safety of people and plant assets. Like the EXS rotary valve, the explosion duct valve ensures that potential explosions in a filter are contained so that they do not harm the surrounding environment.

At JKF, we continuously work to optimise and improve the customer's ability to get the complete solution, better known as JKF's One-Stop-Shop concept. This naturally also applies to advice and counselling, and therefore, you are very welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about JKF's safety components.

You can contact our technical support at or tel. +45 98 58 12 11.